About the Author

“I’d rather die making a small difference, than live forever indifferent to the injustices of this world.”

Well, here we are.

I started blogging in 2009 while awaiting bar results and looking for a job.  I needed something to do to keep me from going crazy, and sharing my random thoughts with the world seemed like a good way to accomplish that.

Unlike other blogs, this one is pretty random: it has no focus, and probably no direction either, haha.  I write about whatever is on my mind, whether that be chocolate, my dreams and aspirations, my questions about life, cooking, random stuff I do to entertain my two boys, or my most recent attempt at exercising.  Like I said: random :)

I guess you clicked on this tab to know a little about the author, so here you go: my mother was born in Guatemala and came to the US when she was about five years old. My grandmother raised six children on her own, and did an amazing job raising all of them, as well as a few grandchildren along the way.  My father is from the US, and I’m his exact replica.  This means that although I speak fluent Spanish, it always takes people by surprise because I look way too white to speak fluent Spanish.  I recently connected with my father and his family, none of whom I’d met until 2016.

I went to UCSB for undergrad, then Chapman for law school.  I married the love of my life in 2009.  Although we’re both trying to figure out what we want to do professionally (let’s just say…going to law school wasn’t the best idea I ever had), we’re incredibly happy to have each other along the journey.  We have two amazing boys: Jacob and Joshua.  And although they drive us absolutely insane on any given moment, they also bring us to tears with pride and joy and love and happiness.  Daily.

I try to be pretty open and honest on this little platform I’ve created, so the occasional foul language may come along in a post or two.  It’s not meant to offend anyone, simply to keep things as real as they are in my mind.  I like to think that my writing has improved along the years, so this blog is also an exercise in that: using words to entertain, inform, share, and hopefully make you smile on occasion.

Disclaimers, which should be obvious from the above paragraphs: I use “haha” instead of “LOL,” and I use exclamation points and smiley faces liberally.


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