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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve posted tid bits here and there, but nothing really of substance lately. I still keep a running list of all the ideas of things I want to blog about, and most of them become outdated before they become a reality.

A big reason why I don’t blog as much is the lack of time.  With a two-year old running around and a home to keep up, and let’s be honest, my general laziness, the time available to just sit and put my thoughts into written word is pretty limited.  When I do have time, I feel guilty if I’m not spending it working on something for Haiti Scholarships, or writing a blog for Nuestras Manos or The Merry Ministers instead (neither of which have been done in a long time…see: laziness).

So I’m trying to turn a new leaf.  I’m trying to let go.  I’ve often wondering why I work the way I work: why do I always have to have multiple things going on?  Why am I not happy with just my 9-5 job?  Why do I have to add on volunteering on projects or organizations, or trying to promote side businesses?  I know each of these makes me happy to a degree, but with baby #2 on the way, I’m really trying to be realistic about my expectations of myself.  I feel constantly stressed about the to-do lists that I’m not getting done…so I wonder…what if I just didn’t have those to-do lists?  What if all my worries focused on home, kids, hubby, and work?  That seems like enough, right? Haha.

So here’s my plan: I’m trying to de-clutter.  I need to start letting go of Haiti Scholarships tasks and start delegating things (this is VERY hard for me because I’m very specific about how I think things should be done, ha!).  I don’t need to write the agenda and the minutes, and do the newsletter, and our yearly taxes, and thank you letters, and update databases, and respond to emails, and update social media.  I’m just hoping I find someone to take over a thing or two :)

I need to start being realistic about what I can do with Nuestras Manos and The Merry Ministers.  I have a long list of ideas that I’d love to accomplish, but the reality is that now isn’t the time.  So I’m no longer putting “write a blog for Nuestras Manos” on my to-do list.  I’m no longer saving my Bloglovin emails in hopes that I’ll find inspiration for a blog that I’ll never write (I still have hundreds saved that I can resort to should the occasion arise).  Deleting those emails every morning is already reducing some of my anxiety.

And probably most importantly: I just need to stay out of things that require monthly meetings, haha.  I thought this year would be the year I could re-commit to the Corazon Annual Meeting Committee, but I’ve attended 1 of 3 meetings so far, and I’ve found it challenging to keep up with the two tasks I’ve been assigned.  It’s not fair to them or the organization.  I also got myself nominated as the secretary for our local school district employees union, which requires two meetings a month (one for the e-board and one for the chapter meeting).  I’m already two meetings behind on getting my minutes typed up.  So I think I need to finish up my tenure on these and understand that once the kids are a few years older, maybe I’ll be able to pick up where I left off (if sports and activities aren’t all-consuming at that point, haha). And hey, maybe then I’ll actually get to write about all the things I’ve been wanting to write about for the last couple years! :-P