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Have you heard of Apparent Project before?  If you haven’t, you should check them out.  They are providing lots of jobs for Haitians, teaching them how to create lots of beautiful and wonderful items for people to purchase.  A lot of their artisans happen to me mothers with children to take care of, so this year they actually opened a day care facility so their artisans don’t have to worry about day care.  One of the many things they create are beautiful Christmas ornaments, which they allow other people to sell as a fundraising opportunity.  So this year I’ve decided to go out on a limb and see how good my fundraising skills really are!

Throughout the month of November, I’ll be selling 7 different Christmas ornaments, and here’s how it works: each ornament is $8.00.  Of these $8, $4 goes back to Apparent Project to support their artisans ($1 is guaranteed to go towards their day care facility), and $4 goes to Haiti Scholarships (the organization that I’m fundraising for).

Ornaments All

Pretty awesome, right?  Did I mention they’re each handmade??  So if you’re interested in supporting two wonderful organizations, you can email me or fill out this form letting me know what ornaments you want, and we can go from there.  I only have four weeks to sell these before I need to send back any leftovers, so if you’re interested please let me know ASAP :)

A thank you shout out to the hubby, Jeff Armstrong, for getting these wonderful photos taken for me ;)