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I’ve been wanting to try a new recipe for a while, so I found one of my old cook books that had been in storage for over two years, and decided to go with “beautiful zucchini carbonara” from Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good LifeThe attorney in me is a little leery of copying the recipe on here, but you can find it word for word at Jamie Oliver’s website, here. FYI, “courgette” means zucchini but in British ;)

My phone takes awful, non-focused pictures so it almost seems pointless to post them….almost.

zucchini 1

I started by prepping the fresh thyme…and I’m glad I did because that took freaking forever.  Have you every de-leafed fresh thyme??  Not sure it’s worth it…but anywhoo, I’m glad I did that before I got anything cooking.  I then cut the bacon and placed that in a bowl, ready to go (side note: I live and die by “prepping” and having bowls with all my ingredients measured out and ready to go, it reduces my amount of anxiety once I start cooking, just to know that things are ready to go when I need them).

After that I followed the directions step by step.  Do you know what the most beautiful kitchen smell is?

zucchini 2

Yep, bacon.  Soooo good.

zucchini 3

Loooooooking good!  At this point my pasta was already done, and the recipe says the zucchini and pasta should end at about the same time.  So either I was slow in getting the zucchini in the pan (which is possible), or the pasta cooked faster than expected.  Either way, I think next time I make this I will wait to get the pasta cooking until after I cut the zucchini or once I get the bacon going.

zucchini 4Mmmmmm-mmmmm! Not gonna lie, this turned out pretty great.  A couple things: since my pasta finished cooking early I drained it and completely forgot to keep some of the pasta water.  I didn’t want to use just plain, flavorless water (not sure that pasta water really has much “flavor,” but anyhoot…), so I compensated by throwing in a little canned chicken broth.  Another thing was that I thought there was too much pasta, so I only used about 3/4 of it.  Although it turned out delicious, it was a bit rich for me towards the end, which I think is either because I didn’t use enough “pasta water” to lighten it, or the chicken broth was a bit much to use instead of pasta water.  I’ll have to try out a couple different things the next time I make this, but it was definitely good and definitely worth making again!  And surprisingly, not too difficult to make :)

Buen provecho!