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Well, it wasn’t exactly the way I plan all my days to go, but it was a great start!

I got up early to shower before Jeff went to work, after which Jake was already awake (so no early morning blog today!).  After Jeff went to work, I drank my coffee while Jake played with his toys in the living room, and then he played in the backyard with some rocks and dirt–under close supervision, of course–while I did some yard work and took care of some stuff on my lap top.

After that we heard the trash truck outside, and Jake just had to see what was going on, so we went outside and waved to the the trash man.  Jake was so serious, just watching the whole time, like this was life and death stuff going on.  We then walked to the leasing office and took care of a bunch of business, then ran a bunch of errands before going to grandma and grandpa’s to watch the USA vs. Belgium game.  Jake was dressed for the occasion:

jake USA

Then it was time to stop by the grocery store to stock up on fruits and snacks for all of us–I spent pretty much everything I had cashed in in change at the bank earlier in the day, haha.  Money in, money out.  Jake played with his new pool toy for a little bit:

photo 1

He would walk it over to the kitchen, then get inside and sit down, waiting patiently for me to choo choo him back to the living room, where he’d get out, walk it back to the kitchen, and do it all over again.  He’s too much!

We had one more trash truck observation…

photo 2

“What is that I hear??”

(Jake does this “paint me like one of your French girls” pose all the time…)

photo 3

“Hurry up mommy!”

…then we met up with the family for dinner, after which it was bath time, play time, and bed time!  Hoping for less errands and more fun tomorrow :)