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So my new job working for the school district means that I get (unpaid) Summer’s off!  As financially challenging and stressful as this will be, I’m counting down the days (three) to be able to stay home with Jake, play housewife, and organize and Pinterest like crazy (I want to do all of these and these–totally doable)!

In my ideal world, here’s what our Summer days would look like:

Jeff goes to work, I get up and write a blog on here or Nuestras Manos or The Merry Ministers.  I’m usually awake by 6/6:30 a.m., and on weekends the boys tend to “sleep in” until 7:30-8:00 a.m., so I think this should be doable. 

After Jake wakes up, we eat breakfast, I pick up the house a little, work on the backyard, some playtime, and then go for a walk/run (ha! me? running?  I did say “ideal”…).

Get back home, maybe hit the pool for a little bit, maybe do some crafting/organizing/making stuff for Jake’s birthday while he takes a three hour nap….

We do the lunch thing (maybe meet daddy for lunch), then figure out what we’re making for dinner.  Go to the grocery store, maybe meet up for a play date.

Another three hour nap where mommy can do all of the above that hasn’t gotten done.

Then it’s dinner, bath time, bed time, and a glass of wine or beer with the honey!

On a few days, I want to take Jake to some museums, go to the beach, and just have a few adventures.

I have a feeling most of my day will be watching and playing with him rather than really getting anything done, but I’m open to the possibilities and excited for the next month and a half!