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This last month has been a huge roller coaster of emotions. As much as I’ve loved my job, we quickly realized that financially it just wasn’t enough. It was really difficult for me to make the decision to start looking and applying somewhere else…this job has been the most supportive, caring, and flexible throughout my pregnancy and Jake’s first months–a time when most jobs are probably anything BUT those qualities.

I’ve grown so fond of the people I work with–not to mention fallen in love with their love and attention for Jake: they looked forward to his arrival almost as anxiously as we did. ALMOST ;)

This job has also helped me learn that I am really happy in an administrative position: I’m good at it and I really enjoy doing it. It’s sad that I became an attorney to realize this, haha, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Anyhow, with an excited, nervous, and heavy heart, I will begin a new job at a local junior high as the secretary to the assistant principal. As sad as I am to leave where I am, I think (and pray) that this is a good move for my family: higher pay (which hopefully means we’ll be able to move out in a couple months), better health benefits, and plenty of room to grow. I’m hoping this will be my last career move in a while–I hate having to start learning curves over and over again.

I start on Wednesday, which gives me two days to finish EVERYTHING on my somehow still growing list at my current job.

There are so many things I will miss about my current job: flexible hours, great co-workers and volunteer staff, Friday’s off, not to mention the kids and families I’ve gotten to know in the past year. And I’ll have to abandon Project Keep Plant Alive :(


As of now, it’s still alive and well!

Cross your fingers for me that this transition goes well for Jake (new schedule and all) and that it’s a good move for all of us!