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Whenever I’m coming home with Jake, I inevitably have a ton of stuff to carry into the house, on top of the car seat and baby.  At first I tried to be wonder woman, because I CAN carry all these things by myself, but then realized I had a very able and willing helper at home that could come out and easily help me unload everything.

So I started getting into the practice of texting Jeff when I was around the corner from the house, asking him to come outside and help me unload.  These texts were usually “can you help me unload,” or “please come outside” or something to that effect.  I always wanted to simply text “help,” since it’s nice and short, but then I’d think to myself “he’s gonna freak out and think something’s wrong,” which would prolong the text conversation and I’d already be home (“no, we haven’t been in a horrible accident…”).

So last week I came up with a perfect solution: I came up with a codeword!  And what better code word than “bacon”?! One of these days I might even bring home some bacon (either real bacon, or the metaphorical-mega-money kind–I’m sure Jeff would be happy with either one).