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Yesterday I decided to try a couple recipes from Pinterest (rather than my usual AllFoods.com), and I was pleasantly surprised!

I went with a Lime Cilantro Chicken, which turned out deeeeee-licious!


I still can’t believe how happy I was with this, especially considering how easy it was.   I was a little weary of the cumin and chili powder, but the lime and cilantro are the flavors that really jump out once it’s all cooked.

For a side dish we made Crash Hot Potatoes.  Ours did not look nearly as beautiful as these (they cooked unevenly and did not squish quite this perfectly at all like this), but they were so, so good!  We used a seasoning called Herbs d’Provence, or something like that, which already has a mixture of great herbs and spices.

smashed potatoes


One thing to keep in mind is that these take a while.  You have to boil the potatoes first (which depending on how many you’re making and how much water you’re using, could take a while), and then you back them for an additional 25 minutes or so, so plan accordingly–we didn’t and we were starving by the time we ate.  Ha, maybe that’s why I thought everything was so good!

I’m pretty sure this chicken would go great with rice instead of potatoes, but we’d had rice the night before so I decided to switch it up.  Added a salad on the side, and ta-da, dinner is served!