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There are many things I disliked about my first job out of college, the main one being my boss.  Actually, he was the only thing I disliked, haha.

BUT, I did learn a lot of basic office stuff while working there, and I’ll never forget what my boss told me on my first day after I walked into his office: “never leave your desk without a notepad.”  Granted, it was said in a condescending tone that made it sound more like “you idiot, never leave your fucking desk without a stupid notepad,” or “I have many important things to say to you and you better remember every single one and you never will without writing them down so bring a notepad.”  Or something like that.

Nevertheless, it’s something that I’ve carried with me through every job I’ve held since then (minus Starbucks), and it’s a lesson that has come in very handy.  Especially since I’m the kind of person that forgets things as soon as I hear them.

And so, I’m passing on this gem to you.