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About two years ago, I had a series of posts relating to the disappearance of a Guatemalan woman, followed by the disappearance of her husband, Roberto Barreda (the main suspect in his wife’s disappearance), along with their two children.

I also posted about how a specific group of people, including Cristina’s parents, were relentless in searching not only for Cristina, but Cristina’s children.  They mobilized a whole country.

Most of these stories seem to not have happy endings, but I’m happy to provide an update today letting people know that although Cristina has not been found (she is presumed dead), her children were found living in the Yucatan peninsula with their father.  He has been arrested and deported to Guatemala, and the children are now in the care of their maternal grandparents.

The challenge for justice still lies ahead, since Barreda’s mother used to be a judge and has already shown considerable influence in this case.  I want to be hopeful and think that justice will prevail and that Barreda will go to jail for what he’s done, but time and time again I seem to be disappointed by the judicial process in Guatemala.  Time will tell.