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So we’ve been trying to get into somewhat of a routine at night with Jake, usually involving bath time and putting on his pjs. We’ve read a couple stories sprinkled in there, but he’s usually too tired to deal with that–hopefully when he gets a little older we can try adding that in again.

Although he’s amazing at putting himself to sleep after we lay him down, sometimes he takes a while to fall asleep so I like to stay in the room with him in case he looses his binky (pacifier) before falling asleep completely. Ninety-nine percent of the time what this means is that I’m passed out in our bed by 8:30pm waiting for him to fall asleep. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about going to sleep that early (you know you’re actually jealous), but I am trying to slowly start becoming a little more productive with my time, and I’m losing out on peak productivity hours by falling asleep at the same time as Jake.

Yesterday I thought I had a genius idea: start taking a shower at night. In my mind this would kill two birds with one stone: I wouldn’t have to worry about watching Jake since everyone’s home, and it would give me my second wind after putting him down for the night.

Well, as these parenting things go, it didn’t quite work out as I planned. Dinner was running a little late so I took a shower before dinner and before Jake’s bath. Which means that when I put Jake to bed I ended up putting myself to bed as well. Again.

I’ll have to try my shower theory again some other night and see if it helps me stay up at all…