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Those that know me well know that my pop culture knowledge is poor.  I blame this on living in Guatemala for some formative years, and growing up with a mom that listened mostly to music in Spanish, and watched Spanish news and novelas.  Nothing wrong with those things, but it means I was never exposed to many things that are referenced in movies, TV shows, etc.  This includes musicians that most people consider common knowledge for everyone.  It’s been an ongoing joke with my husband and friends, but I’m determined that Jake will know all these things that I didn’t know.  And I’m starting him off by exposing him to all those artists that people can’t believe I never listened to (or can’t recognize…).

This is where we’ve traveled in our musical explorations so far:

The Doors

Jimi Hendrix

Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stones

The Who

Pink Floyd

What are your suggestions for our music instruction lessons?