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Back in March I wrote about a historical trial taking place in Guatemala.  Since then, it’s been quite a roller coaster of events.  The trial was interrupted multiple times by some fairly dramatic antics from the defense, but the trial eventually moved forward and the judge found Efrain Rios Montt guilty.  You’d think that would be the end of it (perhaps maybe an appeal), but far from it.  The Constitutional Court of Guatemala ordered a re-trial, and it escapes me now but I believe it was on the grounds of the in/admissibility of certain evidence by the defense.

Since then, the case has been in limbo pending the re-trial.  Until this week, when the Constitutional Court ruled on another motion that was filed by the defense.  The Constitutional Court has now ruled that Rios Montt may seek amnesty for the charges based on his position as general at the time of the crimes.  UGH.

As much as this is disappointing, it’s not surprising, and maybe that’s what’s even more disappointing.

There’s a more in depth analysis here.