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catrinka logo - illustrator

The Catrinka Project started as a 10-month project, but quickly turned into something more permanent due to the positive feedback they received.

What they do: design and produce handbags in different countries.  Why are they in the Charity of the Month section of this blog?  The money you spend to purchase one of their handbags helps educate girls around the world, while also employing women who need the income:

Our country bags are all made by socially responsible artisan groups that are woman-owned, woman-managed, or that predominantly employ women.

Starting May 1st, we commit that at least 10% of the retail price of each bag will be donated to educate girls in the countries where we work. We are also working hard on innovative programs to make sure that we get the most impact for our investment

I think this is one of my favorites:

Beautiful iPad case

Beautiful iPad case designed in conjunction with artisans in Nepal.

You can check out the rest of their handbags here, or follow them on Facebook for updates and new products.