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I’ve never been one to exercise.  I know I’m lucky in that I’ve been able to maintain an acceptable figure with no effort.  I say acceptable because I’m not fat or heavy by any means, but I’m also not fit–there’s no tone anywhere in my body, haha.  I remember being in high school and every Summer I would tell myself: this is the Summer that I get in shape and come back to school with a super flat stomach.  Yeah, that NEVER happened, haha.

After high school, I’ve had a few attempts to start exercising regularly, but none lasted more than a couple weeks.  Now post pregnancy, I really feel the need to make this happen.  I gained a little over thirty pounds with the pregnancy, all healthy and no issues with my weight gain, so no worries there.  Now, seven weeks post delivery, I’ve lost all but twelve pounds–twelve very stubborn pounds.  The rest of the weight shed effortlessly, but these last twelve pounds seem like they’re gonna make me work for it.

I probably wouldn’t feel so pressured to lose the weight if I could fit into my old jeans.  Winter Is Coming, and I won’t be able to keep getting away with the same four skirts that I’ve been wearing for the last nine months (which I’m also sick of wearing).  Right now, my jeans make it past my knees and then get stuck riiiiiiiight around the thighs–I think these hips widened quite a bit!

Assuming my hips will slender down at least a bit so I can fit into my old clothes, I thought I would try my best to help things along.  So this week I decided to up my weekly exercise of just walking around the block.  I found a few steep hills that provide a heftier workout while pushing the stroller, and this morning I threw in a floor mat and a couple weights, and pulled over at the park towards the end of my walk.  I did a few stretches, some crunches, and a little weight lifting.

photo 1

See the size of those weights? You can tell I mean business! ;) (baby steps…)

My view.

My view.

By that point, Jake was ready to eat, so I decided to nurse him at the park.  There was no one around and it’s on a raised level, so there weren’t strangers walking by and getting freaked out, which I was happy about.  Nursing in public isn’t my favorite, but I couldn’t resist hanging out in the cool morning air, listening to the birds and mellow music on Pandora.

It was actually quite nice, until I went to burp Jake and he threw up all over himself, my pants, and the mat.  Thankfully, I had just moved my phone out of the potential vomit trajectory, so at least that was good :)  After that, I decided to cut the rest of our walk short and just head home to clean both of us up…BUT, I was pretty proud with what I did accomplish and I’m more committed than I have ever been to actually getting into a regular exercise routine.

I’ll let you know if I make it past this week…