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Well, as much as I don’t want this to become a mommy blog, it’s still going to be quite a huge part of my life from here on out, and I already have several things I want to blog in relation to my new title, so I figure I’ll go ahead and add a little “Motherhood Corner” to the blog :)

Our bundle of joy was born on August 14, 2013, the same day as my grandmother’s birthday–I can tell you she was VERY excited about this!

Since then, things have been pretty great.  And no, I’m not lying ;) Sure, I have to wake up a few times a night to nurse and change diapers, but we knew that was part of the deal when we decided to have him.  And as I type this I smell like gross milk because I have spit up on my pants (I’m getting around to changing…I swear), but the reality is that we have an awesome baby who is as easy as they come, and he makes all of these little things worth it.

It also helps that Jeff and I have a HUGE support system.  We live with his parents, so we have a built in support system to begin with, and we don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning (which as any new mom will tell you, is HUGE), so all we have to focus on is..JAKE!  My mom and grandma were also a huge help the first few weeks, and now that I started work part-time, both grandma’s have arranged their schedule to help watch him.  It’s made going back to work doable at such a young age for him (he’s seven weeks today!): knowing he’s with people that we trust and that love him almost as much as we do is enormous, and we are so lucky to have both of them around.

So.  Jake’s happy, mommy and daddy are happy, and I’m happy to start sharing some of my adventures into motherhood through this blog, that since it’s inception has shifted and adapted to every major stage/event of my life thus far!