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With a couple babyshowers coming up, everyone in the house has been getting pretty creative!

We’ll start with Jeff’s craftiness.  For one of the baby showers, one game includes having  certain words that aren’t allowed to say.  For each of these words, Jeff is making a cool, rustic-looking wooden sign (we’re going with a cowboy theme).  Here’s the first of three:



Jeff started out by using some wood from an old table he had made from way before we even met.  He found a technique online using white vinegar, water, and steel wool to make it look old.  It took about five layers, but it did the trick quite nicely!



Then he designed, inverted, printed, and cut out a stencil for the letters, and used an adhesive (tack adhesive) to make sure it stuck to the board so the spray paint wouldn’t get in under the stencil.

Then comes the spray paint!


The big reveal!

jacobsign5Ahhhhhh isn’t it gorgeous!?  He added some hooks on top with a wire hangar, and it’s absolutely beautiful.  It started out as simply a prop for the baby shower, but it’s already hanging in the garage and I can’t wait to see where this sign ends up!