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So last night I tried this recipe, and it was DELICIOUS!

I’ve made alfredo/cream sauce pasta before, and my main complaint was that it didn’t taste like much–just bland.  This actually had a really good flavor, but it might also have to do with the fact that i added a couple things to it:

  • I used the leftover chicken from Monday’s dinner, and threw it into the sauce once that was boiling
  • I bought some fresh spinach and threw that in as well.  NOTE: spinach is such a sneaky vegetable!  I always think I have too much so I err on the side of caution of not cooking too much, even though I KNOW it’s never enough because it cooks down like crazy!  So, go crazy with the spinach ;)

Also, I made the whole box of penne pasta but only had enough sauce for about half of it, so next time I plan on doubling the sauce so there’s enough for leftovers–there wasn’t a single bite left of the pasta I mixed in with the sauce (I take that as a good sign).

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but once I got things started, it all moved along pretty quickly and I had no time to snap photos.  Good thing is: it’s fast and easy to prepare!

Jeff put some sourdough in the oven with garlic and butter, and I made a quick garden salad to go along with it.  It was perfect.

Buen provecho!