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Our good friend Julian let us borrow his kindle during our trip to Germany, and recommended we start reading the Game of Throne series (since we’ve talked about the show before).  Actually, it was given to Jeff….and shortly after he started reading it on the flight there, I started reading over his shoulder.  Jeff is amazing enough that he doesn’t care, so we even had a little system worked out to signal when he could turn the page.

As we well know by now, I tend to get obsessive about reading.  And I need to know the ending.  Which is difficult with this series because each book is, how you say….fucking long?!  Half way through our road trip, I realized I could read to Jeff while he was driving, since each of our drives were at least hour drives, and a couple that were 3-4 hours long.  It was a pretty great system, and we were just bummed we hadn’t been doing this from the very beginning of our road trip.

The other great thing about reading this trip in Germany is that it’s so easy to imagine these scenes when you have the perfect scenery in front of you (not to mention reading while staying in a castle-become-hotel).

Anyhow, it wasn’t too long before I just had to keep reading on my own so I could finish the book…and I finished the first book a couple days after our road trip while we were relaxing in Hamburg.  Then we got home…and I bought book two…and I couldn’t put it down either.  I breezed through it, and secretly bought book three (at this point, my reading obsession was embarrassing), but I finally had to break down and tell Jeff.  By the time I finished book three, I was in desperate need of a break, and to get other things done with my life other than sit around reading all day.

Every day I’m tempted to buy book four, but I’m trying to hold off until I take care of some business and get caught up on all the work I neglected last week….yikes.

Reading obsession aside, the books are great.  They are a lot easier to read than Jeff and I thought.  For a while we thought it would be all “wherefore art thou” kind of language, but it’s super easy to follow along.  It’s interesting to see where the show diverts from the books, but also great to see how well the casting was done with each of the characters.  It also gives me a MUCH better understanding of what is happening in the show: when we watched it, half the time I had no idea what was going on because there are a million different and intricate story lines.