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Specifically, Hamburg, since that’s where we’ve been for the last nine days.

Weather Fluctuations
Our first walk around Hamburg, if I didn’t take my sweater on and off at least twenty times, literally, I didn’t do it once. Mike gave us some story, not sure about it authenticity, about Germany getting two different weather fronts coming in constantly, and that’s why the weather changes so much. This day the weather changed every two blocks. I should point out that the clouds seems to keep up with the cars on the autobahn: they move ridiculously fast! So when the clouds block the sun, it’s freezing, but when the clouds move out of the way, one block later, it’s hooooot.


They’re everywhere! In the metro, in the park, in the streets, in cafes. Everywhere. And yet, theres little poop on the streets, which is impressive. Another thing is that most dogs are off leashes, and yet they’re totally fine. You rarely hear them bark at each other or people walking by, and they rarely stray too far from their owners. I find this really interesting.


People rum, a lot. I know we have a lot of runners in the U.S., but they’re EVERYWHERE here. It’s cray cray.


They’re fresh, they’re delicious, and there are so so so many more choices then back home (this goes for fruits and veggies also…it takes one trip to Germany to realize how sad our supermarkets are). White bread is not very popular, but instead you have amazing wheat and grain bread–which isn’t dry at all, but delicious!


Again: they’re everywhere! This city moves on bikes, and it’s great to see. Uli and Mike don’t have a car, and yet they get around everywhere they need. One of their bikes has an awesome car seat attached, as well as a “kinder wagon” that hooks up to the bike so Henry can sleep while we bike or go wherever we need to go. It really makes me wish that where we lived was more bike centric and with an actual public transportation system.

Anyhow, we’re heading to the airport to catch our flight to Munich! More musings on Germany and our travels whenever we find spare time and free Internet :)