Well, these past few weeks have been incredibly stressful, and the last three days have probably been the slowest days of my life.  But, after one more sleep, we are off to Germany tomorrow!!!  Jeff and I are gonna go visit his brother, Mike, along with his wife, Uli, and their adorable son, Henry.  We are so, so, so excited to see them and spend some quality time with them.  We’re also taking off for about a week and going on a road trip through most of southern Germany–we can’t wait!  We fly into Hamburg, spend time with the fam, then fly to Munich, spend two days there, pick up our rental, drive to Fussen, and then start driving north through a bunch of little towns along the Romantic Road, ending and turning in our car in Cologne.  And finally taking a train back to Hamburg to spend our last few days in Germany with the family.

Along the way, we’ll be staying in a castle, a cool apartment in Cologne, a room with a castle view, and a winery.  I have a feeling something is gonna go wrong along the way, but I’m pretty excited about all of our stops!

When we get back, we’ll have our work cut out for us.  For one, bills will have to get paid after a month of not working, which should be interesting.  I have a few checks that should be waiting for me upon our return, so I hope those will cover most of it.

Then I have four weddings booked with The Merry Ministers, so I’m glad I have that to rely on.  And Jeff and I are really gonna start working a lot more on promoting his photography, my firm, and officiating business.

Speaking of my firm, that’s crazy.  I never knew how stressful it would be to leave things wrapped up for a three week vacation when you work for yourself.  You can’t just clock out on Friday and jump on a plane on Monday.  It’s been almost three weeks of prepping stuff, letting opposing counsel know I’ll be gone, leaving clients semi-happy with where their cases are (of course, all issues come up the week right before we’re set to leave), preparing bills early so they can go out on time, leaving detailed summaries for my emergency contact attorney in case anything is needed, and setting “out of office” notifications for all emails and phones.  Phew.

When I get back, I definitely have my work cut out for me on these family law cases, since most of them are reaching the point where negotiation settlements have stalled and we basically have to move forward with trial preparations.  Yay.

But the work keeps coming, which is great.  I actually have two potential clients waiting for when I get back-and I can’t be more thankful for that.  Family law has it’s challenges, but it’s allowed me to keep working on my own, which I love.  In October I need to turn that into a financially feasible plan so Jeff and I can figure out what our future holds.  Babies, apartment/home, and so many other things that will need to be addressed as soon as we get back.

But for now, I’m just taking a deep breath and forgetting about all of it, and just looking at the clock ticking…waiting for Monday at 5:30pm…take off!