This is extremely delayed, since my mom’s 50th birthday party was in May…but hey, better late than never, right?

My aunts and I started planning this party way in advance, and I started stalking ideas on Pinterest as soon as I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do.  Although not perfectly executed, I think everything came out pretty nice :)  Below you can see the original idea (as found on Pinterest, but I’m linking to the source), and then my attempt at it.

1. Chalkboard signs made from dollar store food trays

I did these in three different colors: purple, pink, and black.  I used one as the menu board for the desserts, another for the guest book signing table, and this last random one:

2. Assorted flowers and vases

Definitely not the best picture to showcase what an amazing job our volunteer florist did, but the flowers were amazing and I was really happy with the random assortment of vases we had.  I still have most of them, so if anyone needs to borrow them for a certain even, just let me know!

3. Trough’s for the bar

I couldn’t find one that big, especially at an affordable price, so we went with several small ones.

4. Raspberries with chocolate chips!

Not bad, huh?!  Ha.

5. Chalk board signs for photo props!

6. Photo background

This one was used more as an inspiration since what I ended up making is quite different…

7. Number 50 made out of photos

And a final one, just because I like it: