Some of you know of my odd obsession with small town USA.  Especially Robert* since I keep threatening to visit him in Tennessee as soon as he moves back with his fiance (will you leave already so Jeff and I have an excuse to go to Tennessee???).

I can’t tell you where this obsession came from or why it has persisted so long, but I can tell you that this song gets me giddy every time I hear it.  I would confess that it even gives me goose bumps some times, but that may be unforgivable.

“Miles and miles of back roads and highways,

Connecting little towns with funny names,

Who’d want to live down there in the middle of nowhere,

They’ve never drove through Indiana,

Met the man who plowed that earth,

Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me,

Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas,

They’d understand why God made those fly over states…

On the plains of Oklahoma

With a windshield sunset in your eyes

Like a watercolor painted sky

Take a ride across the badlands

Feel that freedom on your face

Breathe in all that open space

Meet a girl from Amarillo

You might even wanna plant your stakes

In those fly over states…”

I want to see the harvest moon in Kansas, and feel that freedom on my face…and breath in all that open space! But until then, the song will have to do…

*I don’t think I’m allowed to mention Robert in a blog without directing you to his twitter account.  Follow him.