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With Jeff turning 30 last year, and me on the verge of 30, having babies has been on our mind for quite a while. As someone who is “planning” on having a baby in the near future, I find it to be a truly interesting human characteristic that people choose to have children when they know what that means: limited travel, no more alone time with your significant other (or at least very limited and/sporadic), increased spending and stress, etc. I should note that by alone time I don’t necessarily mean “sexy time,” just time spent alongside your partner doing all those little fun activities you get to enjoy on your own.

On Easter Sunday, my family and I had to sit outside of the church because it filled up before we got there. Although it was a beautiful day by all means,it was very sunny, which after about 10-15 minutes turned into scorching heat. I started looking around and saw at least a dozen parents that were shielding their children (of all ages, myself included, haha) from the sun with the pamphlet that listed all the songs for the service. It occurred to me that the parents themselves were also quite warm and in need of some shade, but their needs were secondary to those of their children.

How do people consciously decide to be that selfless? I’m not gonna lie, every now and then the thought crosses my mind: do I really want kids? What if my relationship with Jeff is never the same again? What if I resent them for all the things I won’t be able to do once I have them?

But then I see Mike and Uli with Henry, or Julian and Erika with Livy, or Ryan and Stephanie with Brayden and Kylie, and I realize that no matter the sacrifices, they’re always worth it. I know I’ll love that little bundle more than anything I’ve ever loved before, Jeff included. It’s a crazy thought. I still think its crazy, but it’s definitely a crazy adventure that I want to go on with Jeff. Of course, we want to get a little traveling done first, and hopefully get a little apartment somewhere, so we’re still a few months out on all of this craziness, but it’s on the horizon!

I promise that once that adventure does come along, I will try my best so that not ALL of my blog posts are about my pregnancy or adventures in child rearing ;)