It’s been a while since I had a general update, and there are various fronts that need updating.


I did delete Words with Friends and Draw Something, and I honestly couldn’t be happier about that. I’m not having to check my phone every two seconds to see if it’s my turn or not, and I really like that feeling.

However, my general reliance (addiction?) on my phone hasn’t decreased substantially by any means. I still find myself checking Facebook every few minutes, and when I’m in line or bored somewhere I always turn to twitter or some news app or another.

A drastic thought occurred to me this week: to delete the Facebook app on my phone. I honestly don’t think I’ll do it, but it would be a good way to drastically cut down the usage of my phone. Part of my reluctance is because I do use Facebook for a lot of different things, whether it’s messaging people about wedding stuff, jumping on people’s requests for a wedding photographer or getting a message quickly to someone who’s phone number I don’t have. I also feel like I should be able to do this without resorting to that: I have to have SOME kind of self restraint….right?!


This past Sunday Jeff and I went to the grocery store and actually planned out our meals for the week. I know, I know, most grown ups do this on a regular basis. Well, not Jeff and I, unfortunately. That means that we end up eating out a lot, because it’s faster than figuring out dinner, going to the store, and THEN cooking it. But since Sunday we’ve been making dinner at home, and having sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. I even packed lunch twice so far this week! (don’t mock, ok? Just be proud of my progress).

I also bought a bunch of fruit, and I’ve been trying to snack on blue berries, cantaloupe and watermelon instead of milk and cookies. Although I also snacked on milk and cookies yesterday. C’mon, one out of three days is a HUGE accomplishment for me! I don’t think anyone but Jeff really understands the lengths of my milk and cookie obsession….

Here’s what we’ve had so far:

Sunday night: pollo guisado (basically chicken cooked with tomatoes, potatoes and onions), with rice, tortillas, and a salad.

Monday night: guatemalan beef paties, russet potatoes, green beans.

Tuesday night: pork chops with homemade mashed potatoes, and corn.

Wednesday night: guatemalan style chicken stew…not weather appropriate, but the only reason for making it was to have left over chicken to make chicken enchiladas tonight :)

I’m still trying to figure out non meat/chicken dishes, that are not pasta, that are still filling enough for dinner.  Suggestions are welcomed.


Well, this has been crazy lately! Mostly crazy in a good way, with a little crazy in a stressful way sprinkled in.

There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks: I’m working with the mediation clinic from 8:30am to 12pm Tuesday through Friday (Monday’s it’s only from 10:15-11:45am), I’m working on four contract immigration cases for U-visas, and managing my own case load of family law cases. On top of that, I had a couple wedding ceremonies in the last month, and Jeff had a wedding photography gig two weeks ago that I assisted him with.

I’ve been trying to sell some stuff on Craigslist, as well as follow up with potential clients for both my law firm and Jeff’s photography stuff (we possibly have two more weddings to book for this year!).  We’ve been working quite a bit on promoting Jeff’s photography stuff, because it’s something that we both think could turn into a full time job for him.  It would allow him to spend his day doing something he likes, plus more financially beneficial than where he is now.  Not to mention, he’d get to work from home with meeeeeeee which would be awesome.

Just like any time we buy a lottery ticket, we’ve started planning all the things we’d like to achieve and accomplish together, and let me tell you: we’ve got some big plans!  Who knows where they’ll end up, but we’ll never get anywhere unless we start dreaming, right?

All in all, I’m pretty excited about where we both are right now.  I feel like it’s taken a long time for us to get to a point where we actually see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel still looks fucking long, but at least we see the light at the end!