Below are some movies Jeff discovered that we’ve watched lately, and that I find worth sharing.  I’m not sure how he found out about them, probably reddit or something like that, but I know that I, personally, had never heard of them before!

Midnight in Paris

I guess the trailer doesn’t want to spoil what DOES happen after midnight, so it doesn’t convey the “magicalness” of this movie.  It basically goes through difference romance periods in Paris, like the roaring twenties.  Owen Wilson’s character finds himself having conversations with writers and artists that were long gone, and I absolutely loved the “lightness” of this movie.


Just a liiiiiiiiiitle bit darker than Midnight in Paris, but Colin Farrell’s character in this movie is quite hilarious, not to mention entertaining.

The Fall

This movie is visually beautiful.  I like how unique the plot is, and the little girl in this is just amazing.  Jeff and I watched the special features after the movie, and it’s incredible what this little actress went through to make it look as real and heart-wrenching as it does.

Do you have any “off the beaten path” movie suggestions?  (Mind you, these might only be off the beaten path to me, haha)