Baby sitter.  Summer sub-custodian for the school district.  Peer advisor.  Supervisor.  Retail clerk.  Barista.  Shift lead.  Legal assistant.  Law clerk.  Intern.  Field representative.  Attorney.  Blogger.  Wedding officiant.  Tutor.  Vice-president.  Co-founder.  Director.  Co-chair.

So many titles.

They’ve each given me a unique set of skills, whether it’s customer service or simply learning the importance of being a reliable employee.  Currently I feel overwhelmed by how many titles I’m juggling in an effort to make ends meet, simply because the response to “So, what do you do?” is way more convoluted, haha.  But I like that I do so many different things, I love that I do things that provide some financial security, and that there are others that I do simply because they make me happy.

Now I get to add a new title that fulfills both of those: Adjunct Faculty!

Pretty fancy, huh?!  I’m still pinching myself, but today I signed my contract with the law school and got my ID and email set up.  So at this point, it’s pretty hard to deny that it’s actually happening.

It’s just a Summer position, but I’m excited for the possibilities and what this could mean.  If nothing else, it’s a great addition to my resume and will help us finance our trip to Europe at the end of the Summer, which is HUGE.

Plus, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.  I remember being 8 years old when my neighbor “hired” me to tutor her kids.  I’m not joking.  She actually bought award certificates for me to give out when they were being good students (I used those sparingly), and I’m pretty certain I gave them homework assignments.  I took my role pretty seriously.

In high school I thought about being a biology or chemistry teacher, but my math skills have always sucked and I simply thought I didn’t have the mind to get through the educational preparation for it.  Then I would think of teaching junior high or high school kids, and being an insecure high schooler made me feel like there was no way I could ever teach these students (would they smell how insecure I was at their age?  How could they ever respect me as a teacher if they knew?!!!).  So I let it go and decided to do something else.

As you regular readers know, law school wasn’t my brightest idea.  So the fact that I can use my legal education to do something that I all too easily gave up with due to, shall I say…childish? notions, is pretty exciting.  I’m really looking forward to having a classroom of students, real students, students that I can have discussions with, students I can learn along with as I teach.

So, here’s to a new adventure, and a new title!