Well, it’s only been on my “epic-to-do-list” for about 5 months, but I finally took the time to  transfer from Blogger to WordPress.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little sad.  I miss the look of my old blog already.  But I’m also excited.  I’m still playing around with the lay out, but I love the tabs for my main categories, so you can easily look through posts related to those main subjects.  I also love that this blog looks a little “cleaner,” and dare I even say…more…”mature”?

I’m sure there are some stylistic changes to be made, but I’m overall happy with the new look.

Feel free to let me know if there are any other categories you really enjoy that should have a tab at the top of the page.  And if you have any other suggestions on how I can improve the look and feel of this blog.  Your suggestions are always welcome :)

Which brings me to…figuring out how to allow comments!