I haven’t been blogging with as much frequency as I was for a while.  Most of it has to do with the fact that there’s been a lot on my mind which I don’t know how to process or which way things are going to go.

For one, Jeff and I have been working on our trip to Europe for the end of the Summer, and it’s been nothing short of confusing.  We finally saved up enough to buy our tickets, but we’re nervous about dropping $2,600.00 on flights and then not having enough money to actually do anything while we’re there.  I don’t know about you, but dropping $2,600 is a pretty big deal.  It also feels ridiculous to spend that kind of money to just sit on a plane, haha.  In our moments of weakness we consider the idea of booking a flight to Hawaii instead, but then we get a video like this:

And we know we have to make it to Germany this Summer one way or another :)

Another thing keeping me occupied is wondering what my next career move is.  I’m finding family law even more aggravating than I initially thought it would be, and I can’t imagine doing this long term.  Which brings me back to square one, where I feel I’ve always been: what to do?  For now, I’m applying to some part-time positions with non-profits, where I’m hoping I can increase my skills.  If that doesn’t work out soon, I’m also toying the idea of applying to a cool coffee shop down the street.  It would provide a paycheck every two weeks, would occupy some of my time which would help me focus a little bit more on everything else (I work better when I have more on my plate), and it’s something I can do without feeling like I’m walking on thin ice with everything I do.  There’s also a possibility of working part-time with my law school with the mediation clinic, which would be pretty exciting.

In the meantime, I still have to take care of the family law cases I do have, which is a trying issue.  I hate feeling anxious all the time about them, so I’ll be happy once they’re done with.

In exciting news, a few friends and I participated in The Color Run on Sunday.  We went with Team Never Nudes and a whole Arrested Development theme…which seemed to be wasted on the majority of 20-year olds that also participated.