Aside from coffee, I’ve never been addicted to anything. The only time I actually had a cigarette between my lips was as a prop for a White Trash Birthday Bash (and yes, I won the Trailer Park Queen award, a-thank-ya-very-much!), and it wasn’t even lit.

Again, caffeine headaches aside, I didn’t know what addiction or withdrawal symptoms felt like. Until this week. Google “technology addiction.” Scary stuff out there, people.
So I wrote how I’m trying to disconnect myself a little more from my cell phone, and in my last blog about this I wrote how I was going to stop using my phone while driving, as well as sleeping next to my phone. At the expense of again sounding ridiculous (I realize this), the first few days were pretty tough! That first night I drove home and made a conscious effort to not look at my phone while driving or to entertain myself at red lights, I had to really be conscious of not picking up my phone, I had to work very hard at not thinking about my phone. Kinda scary. But, it’s gotten easier as the days go by.
As far as not sleeping next to my phone, it’s really not that big of a deal, but I do get a little bored in the mornings. I usually wake up way before Jeff’s alarm goes off, so normally I check Facebook or Twitter during that time. Without my phone to entertain me, all I have is my thoughts. Those can be pretty useless at 6am. But, I’m managing. I’m thinking instead of just laying in bed, I’ll start getting out of bed and going for an early morning walk. We’ll see how that works.
On Wednesday night, as Jeff and I were in the living room with his parents watching American Idol (helloooooo Phillip Phillips), I decided what my next step was: not using my phone after dinner when the family is hanging out. I mean, I don’t need TV AND my cell phone to entertain me, do I? So I told myself no more catching up on Words with Friends and Draw Something while I have Jeff right next to me to talk to.
Which led me to…not using Words with Friends or Draw Something at all. They’re both neat apps, but the reality is that they make me more anxious than happy. Has so-and-so played me yet? Dammit, I need at least a 30-point word. How do I draw Beyonce? Hospital, again.
Performance anxiety aside, they don’t really promote contact with the person I’m playing with. I’m usually not having a conversation with them, and drawing randomly selected items on a phone is not going to tell me anything about what or how they’re doing.
So, I’ve decided to delete both apps from my phone. It’ll give me more time to focus on the things I need to focus on, and less time stressing out about my next move.k
To my friends on Draw Something and Words with Friends: it’s been real. I’ve learned some new words that I didn’t even know existed, and learned that you can convey almost anything with stick figures. Certainly life lessons worth learning!
Speaking of unplugging, saw this campaign on billboards in LA today. I like. STOP PLAYING VIDEOGAMES AND GET OUTSIDE.