I used to hate it. I kinda still do.

But I’m getting better at it. It’s still awkward to walk up to people, introduce yourself, give your “elevator speech,” and hand out your business card.
This year I’m on the board of directors for the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association, and I’m also going to meetings and events for the Orange County Community Outreach Committee, not to mention monthly meetings for the Family Law and Immigration Law sections. Being involved in these organizations have really helped me improve my networking skills. It’s also given me an opportunity to attend events I wouldn’t otherwise be invited to.

For example, this past week we were invited to attend an event put on by Disney, where they invited members from many cultural organizations in Orange County, from various Chamber’s of Commerce to the National Society of Hispanic of MBA’s, among many others. It was a great group of people, and I got to meet and mingle with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. I feel so thankful that I’m part of an organization that gives me opportunities to do things like this, even if it’s at the expense of feeling awkward sometimes :)