I read this article today, and it really upset me. So I wanted to share it.

What upsets me, is that there are people trying to make things better in Guatemala, people and organizations that go to great lengths to write and promote legislation that would create equality and fairness, and I’m not just talking about this specific issue–this is just one example.
These bills get introduced, and the Guatemalan congress completely fucks it up. Pardon the language.
Why do they have to be so damn corrupt? Why can’t they help Guatemala change, for the better? Why can’t they promote safety and equality? Why can’t they care about anyone but themselves and the interestes that are lining their pockets?
What would be so terrible about indigenous communities having community radio stations where they can empower women, promote education and awareness? Ok, that’s a dumb question: if you educated indigenous communities, you wouldn’t be able to keep them down. I get it.
This is the exact reason why Carlos Castresana resigned from the CICIG in 2010: the government’s inability to act and cooperate with proposed laws that would strengthen the rule of law and help combat the corruption and impunity that reign in Guatemala (for a country with one of the highest murder rates per capita, it has a 2% prosecution rate–prosecution, not conviction). The government’s response to his resignation? “Sometimes were are limited, legally, or in respect of governance or financing in how we can respond to their requests.” Bullshit.
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