….is this getting boring for you, dear Reader? I’ve been posting these “updates” more frequently, because…well, honestly, they’re way easier to write than the other blogs I’ve been wanting to write. Those require multiple drafts, and research, and actual thought.
These…I just tell you what I did or didn’t do!
I should be able to crank out some more thoughtful blog posts next month, when things aren’t so crazy, but until then….let me tell you what I’ve been up to!
I had an asylum hearing for a pro bono client on Monday; gearing up for it was pretty hectic, and I’ll be honest: I’m glad it’s over. Un/fortunately, the judge didn’t render her decision after the hearing, so I’m not sure whether we were successful or not (decision will either be mailed, or given at a hearing in April). I definitely learned a lot from this case, and although I’m sure I’ll take another case from KIND sometime in the future, I’m happy to not have that looming over my head anymore. It’s also pretty emotional stuff….I think I’ve really been compartmentalizing this case a lot so it doesn’t affect me, because I hate to think what’s going to happen to my client if he isn’t granted asylum and has to return to his country of origin. He’s such a great kid, it just makes me really sad.
Anyhow. Compartmentalizing.
I went to bikram yoga yesterday AND today. I wanted to see if I could handle back to back sessions. My back was a little sore from yesterday’s work out, and although today’s session didn’t necessarily help that, I’m feeling a lot better now. I haven’t been eating enough before going, in fear that I’ll eat too much and get sick, but I think what has been happening is that I don’t eat enough, so I end up getting dizzy about 15 minutes into an 80 minute workout. Today was the first time that I didn’t have to sit out any major portions of the routine, which I’m really excited about.
This week has been the week of meetings and basically not being home for dinner. Monday was tutoring (we worked on a science project, which was AWESOME!), Tuesday night I had a meeting for the Annual Meeting and Fundraiser for Corazon that I’ve helped put together (it’s on Saturday, let me know if you’re interested in attending), tonight was my first meeting as a director for the OC Hispanic Bar Association (I got to say things like “yay” and “nay” in a non-sarcastic, totally-serious manner), tomorrow I’m meeting a potential client for The Merry Ministers at 7:30 p.m., and Friday I’m heading to the Oceanside area to help out with a church retreat for confirmation students, oh and Saturday is the Corazon event.
Let’s just say, I’m really excited for Sunday :)
Today I met with a client, went to Goodwill and Salvation Army to look for a filing cabinet (I’ve outgrown my little file drawer on my desk!), and got to enjoy lunch with Jeff…we sat out in the backyard and were able to enjoy some of today’s amazing weather. I absolutely LOVE being able to see Jeff in the middle of my day.
I also deposited money into my business account, as well as my client trust account. That felt pretty cool. Due to the former deposit, I was also able to write out a check for my State Bar annual dues (um, no biggie, just FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS). Last year I had to ask my family to help me cover the expense because I couldn’t come up with the money. It’s nice to see that I’m moving in the right direction, and being able to pay this money from my business account rather than our personal account was HUGE.
Jeff and I resorted to our mantra on Saturday, and reminded ourselves that we had to keep putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations to experience new things. We were both pretty wiped out–I had attended a 6-hour MCLE, and Jeff had helped his dad with some kitchen remodeling duties–and we were really tempted to cancel both of our social commitments for the night. But we stuck with them, and were really excited we did. Jeff got to meet the people I’ve been meeting with throughout the last year in organizing stuff for Corazon, and then we had a genuinely good time at a karaoke lounge in Irvine. The latter event was definitely out of our comfort zone, and given that we weren’t getting there until after 10 p.m., it was way past our bedtime. BUT, we sang out little hearts out, and had a great time. So, keep in mind: the mantra works!
We haven’t done so good on the eating healthy part lately…
Jeff has been incredibly productive over the last few days. He’s been working really hard on editing all the pictures he’s taken in the last couple months, including pictures from our trip to Big Bear. He has so much talent it’s insane. Here are some of my favorite (mostly) scenic pictures:

In closing, I want to encourage all of you to start getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and buy some hand made valentines cards made by yours truly. I have to say, they’re pretty darn cute! And all of it goes to help Haiti Scholarships. So, get back into the spirit of being in second grade, and send your mom and best friends some Valentine love :)

Jeff took these pictures also :) If you’re interested in purchasing them, you can get more info here.
If you made it this far into my random cathartic writing, thank you for reading, and good night!