This week I was trying to figure out something different to make for lunch that wasn’t sandwich’s or microwaveable pizzas. I was at a loss walking around the grocery store, when I saw tortilla wraps…ta-da! So I ran to the other side of the store and added sprouts and hummus to the cart. Not too shabby, eh?

I also started my yoga classes yesterday, which made me incredibly, but beautifully, sore today.
I wasn’t as productive on the law firm front, but I did attend a meeting for South Orange County church youth ministers, caught up with quite a few great friends, had a brief meeting with a client, did some contract work, and attended a webinar for silent auction fundraisers. Oh and I started tutoring with my family again! It was so great to see them again, and catch up on all that both families have been up to.
Oh and had a meeting with some potential clients for The Merry Ministers, and set up another appointment with potential clients for Sunday.
I’ve been procrastinating a little on some stuff, so next week it’s time to step it up.