This is what I came home to on Monday:

And I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet. So I thought I’d share.
Track 1: Lana Del Rey–Blue Jeans
Track 2: Lana Del Rey–Video Games
Track 3: Jonsi–Go Do (should sound very familiar, like Sigur Ros familiar)
Track 4: Sigur Ros–Gobbledigook
Track 5: Arcade Fire–Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (there’s also an interactive video for this song)
Track 8: Alexander–Truth
Track 9: Gold Panda–Quitter’s Raga
Track 11: Purity Ring–Ungirthed
Track 12: Empire of the Sun–Walking on a Dream
Track 13: Modest Mouse–Gravity Rides Everything
Track 16: Aloe Blacc–You Make Me Smile
Forgotten Track: Dead Man’s Bones (not the official video, but pretty cool)
He’s pretty awesome, right? Oh, my husband, not Ryan Gosling…just clarifying :)