I’ve written and translated before regarding the case of Cristina Siekavizza. Today I came across another piece that I felt compelled to translate and share with everyone. I’d like this to be a companion piece to a future blog entry on violence against women in Latin American countries.

As an FYI, this past Saturday there was a walk held in honor of Cristina, and so many women like here. Hence, the title and subject, “Yo Camino.”
I Walk, by Mauricio Labbe
I walk for all the Cristinas, so they know they are not alone. I walk because I am a man and I believe in love and respect.
I walk for all the Jose Robertos and Maria Mercedes, so they know they are loved, they are looked for, and they are not forgotten.
I walk for my children, so they learn that love is shown with caresses and not blows. It is shown with sweetness and not shouting. It is shown with respect and not insolence.
I walk for my daughters, so they know that the man who proclaims to love them, doesn’t humiliate them, doesn’t hurt them, doesn’t insult them. The man that loves them, appreciates them, values them, and admires them.
I walk because I am a man. Because I believe that our duty and obligation is to care for and protect our life companions, our mothers, our daughters, all the women that surround us.
I walk because the men that are real men, manly men, protect and care for our home. Because the real man, protects, he doesn’t harm; consoles, doesn’t scream; caresses, doesn’t hurt; loves, doesn’t humiliate.
I walk because I don’t want to see bruises covered with makeup. I don’t want to hear laughter hiding tears of pain. I don’t want to see smiles covering up grimaces of worry.
I walk because I don’t want to find women at home waiting for the next blow. I want to see them in the streets, happy, with their head held high.
I walk because I want the children to play at home, happy, and not hidden and scared of the fights. I want the example that they see in their homes to be of love and not contempt.
I walk for you Cristina, for Jose Roberto, for Maria Mercedes, for all the women that are injured and abused. For all the unhappy children affected by the violence. I walk because I want my steps and those of other men that are against violence against women, to grow little by little and that they be heard more strongly, that they may become a roar that helps us reflect and think of the example that we give our sons and daughters. I walk for the Ofelias and the Robertos, so they know that we will not rest until we find the truth, so they know it is not vengeance, it’s a thirst for justice.
I walk because I am a man, I walk because I am a manly man.
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