In the famous words of a local All Hands Volunteer, “today was a good day.”

I was productive on my legal cases–called opposing counsel to follow up on some outstanding discovery, followed up with three different clients, fixed an order that was kicked back from the court, sent out an updated bill to a client, sent a letter of representation and answer to opposing counsel on another case, and made an appointment with my asylum client so I can start prepping him for his hearing.
I crunched numbers for Haiti Scholarships and our applicants, updated donor and student databases, transferred Paypal money to our bank account, and sent a couple follow up emails.
Sent out a couple more letters requesting silent auction donations for Corazon’s Annual Meeting and Silent Auction fundraiser (join us!), followed up with some that I had already sent out, reviewed our silent auction google doc and agenda, and attended our planning committee meeting.
Sent out emails to the O’Neill park ranger and the Adopt-a-Park coordinator for our International Service Day event, followed up with two individuals who are helping us promote the event, contacted Ally and begged her to help us create a poster for the event (she said yes!!), typed up the minutes for yesterday’s planning committee meeting and sent it out to the planning committee members.
Had lunch and caught up with Jen, which was fabulous.
Made a delicious and healthy salad for Jeff and I for lunch. I was on the verge of just going to buy something so I wouldn’t have to spend time chopping everything, but I sucked it up and spent the 7 minutes or so that it took me to chop up all the goodies (cucumber, carrot, lettuce, bell pepper, and tossed some tomatoes and feta cheese).
AND, for the third time in less than a week, Jeff and I went on a little walk before dinner. We’ve walked about a mile each time, which isn’t insane, but it’s way better than not doing anything…right? We realized that there are some stairs at the park down the street, and we are going to start doing some stair duty…just going up and down the stairs. Our goal is to be able to run a 5k in April (interested?). We’ve both also been making a point of having healthier snacks. So, instead of my usual cookies and milk for my evening snack (um, yeah, I’m still 5 years old), I have a banana. I was on the verge of breaking today (I told Jeff I’ve been really good lately, so I deserved a cookie…he wasn’t buying it), but Jeff pealed me an orange instead. I also bought grapes, strawberries and cherries. The strawberries looked beautiful, but tasted like…nothing. I should’ve known: they looked too perfect to have any real flavor. Oh well.
Oh, and completely unrelated to my resolutions, but entirely awesome, I got a shout-out on Kisa’s blog!
Anyhow, if I can keep this momentum going, 2012 should be….one hectic and awesome year.