Remember my post about googling your brain? Oh, you don’t? No worries, here you go.
I had a similar thought the other night.
Here’s what I do at night, when I first get in to bed. I close my eyes, and visualize all the emails I forgot to send or follow up on. “I need to email so-and-so back to confirm our lunch.” “Shit, I forgot to email that lady back about whatever-it-is.” So, in my head, I reply to these emails. What I mean is, I visualize what I will write them back tomorrow. Like, I literally “write” out what I have to email back. Crazy? Probably.
Anyhow. I was thinking, how cool would it be if I could hit “send”?! Like, from my brain. Then I wouldn’t have to freak out in the morning and try to remember all those emails I wrote the night before.
I would love this idea, if it weren’t for the fact that it would require some sort of chip implant in my brain (you know, because aside from that, it’s totally possible). And I just can’t handle that. Chip implants and robots are kind of my biggest nightmare. Honestly. Jeff knows that if he really wants to freak me out, he can mention the latest updates on robot technology. THEY’RE GONNA TAKE OVER THE HUMAN RACE ONE OF THESE DAYS. Mark my words.
So. I’ll just keep being productive and writing emails in my brain. And then forget to actually write them in the morning.