One great thing about this blog is that I can look back at what I’ve written in the past: reading about resolutions I’ve made before, my little faith in them, and how I haven’t followed through with them.

Regardless (irregardless, for some), it’s still nice to set some goals for myself…I mean, even if I accomplish part of them, there’s some success in that.
On our way home yesterday from celebrating the incoming New Year with my family, Jeff asked me what my resolutions where–and I’m just realizing now I never asked him what his were, #wifefail–and I had a difficult time putting what I feel my resolutions are, into words. I kind of want to work on everything this year, the whole mind, body, spirit thing.
I want to go back to my April-2011 resolution and focus on eating better, and being more active. We were good for a little bit, but we’ve really let it slide. It’s so easy to let other things take priority in your life. I did get an online deal for yoga, so that should help me for the first month or so on the “active” part. As for eating, Jeff and I cook a lot less now that we live with his parents, so there’s only so much control we have over that–but there’s always room for improvement.
I also need to figure out where Jeff and I are going, career-wise and financially. Some pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place (like finally getting health insurance later this month!), and I really feel that this is the year we’ll get things together. It’s funny reading my post from January 2010, where I had the same concerns–and a little disheartening that I’m still trying to figure out the same things…2 years later. But I really do feel that I can accomplish a lot with my career this year.
One phrase that Jeff and I started saying like a mantra in early 2011 was that we had to “put ourselves in uncomfortable situations to experience new things.” I feel I’ve done this a lot with my career, although altered a little bit: “putting myself in uncomfortable situations to get experience.” Haha, it’s been working though. I have said “yes” to things I would have been too afraid to say yes to before, and I think the outcome has been surprisingly reassuring. I’ve made appearances for immigration court in Los Angeles, I’ve taken on my own clients in an area of law that, at the time, I was largely unfamiliar with, I’ve learned how to retain clients, I started officiating weddings and make some money off of something I never thought of doing. Jeff has also done the same: he put his art in several venues this past year, and he started making money off of his photography skills, something that I know he was really uncomfortable with, but that he’s truly great at. I know it took a lot of courage for him to do that, and I appreciate the hell out of him for putting himself out there.
All of these little steps have made us a little more comfortable, and just slightly more secure in our ability to pursue self-employment. Which leads us to…..
We’ve been wanting to go for a while. Jeff’s brother and his brother’s family recently moved back to Germany, so it’s a great time to go, visit, and travel. Jeff and I also want to start thinking about expanding our own little family, but we think it’s important to experience something like traveling through Europe before we do that. Neither one of us has ever been there, and it’s been a while since we traveled together. Have I mentioned that we travel great together? I’m starting to get extremely excited about this, mainly because I think that for the first time since we’ve been together, it’s actually financially feasible for us to do it. It’ll take some intense savings for the next five months, but I think we can manage.
So, 2012, by the time you are gone, I’m hoping to:
  • Formalize and develop my firm
  • Develop Haiti Scholarships (this includes major fundraising efforts, and increasing our relationship with our students)
  • Work with Jeff to develop and market his art and photography
  • Keep working on promoting The Merry Ministers
  • Check everything off my “Epic To Do List”
  • Go to Europe
  • Get preggers!!
So yeah…2012 should be easy peasy!