Interesting title combo, huh?

Well, I want this shirt:

Because this band is amazing. Jeff and I saw them live at a tiny venue next door to Downtown LA, called the Bootleg Theater. We went to go see Gaby Moreno, a guatemalan singer who also kicked ass that night. She was incredibly amazing, and incredibly sweet. Aaaaand, we totally got a picture with her!

She was followed by Jones Street Station, and they were joined on stage by a couple cast members from Community. It was pretty sweet.
And then….The Bright Light Social Hour went on stage. Holy shit. It’s like 70’s funk, rock and roll, and the blues had a threesome and popped out an amazing baby. I highly recommend seeing them LIVE if you get a chance. Their album is good, but the recording is almost too...clean. Might sounds weird, but if you compare their album to live stuff, you’ll know what I mean. My favorites: Detroit (warning, it’s SUPER addicting), and Bare Hands, Bare Feet.
So, do yourself a favor and check them out. And buy me the mustache shirt. And grow a crazy mustache like the lead singer.