I had grandiose plans since last year: compiling a massive gift guide the likes of which have never been seen before. But, 1) they pretty much already exist online (not exactly as I had envisioned it, but still, it’s been done), and 2) December 2011 came around much quicker than December-2010-me imagined it would.

I also started to realize that a lot of people/organizations have similar gift guides, so I’m going to do a combination here…I’m going to re-post other people’s guides that I find useful, and that list some of the organizations I already had in mind, and I’ll post my “supplemental” gift guide with other ideas for you. I hope it’s helpful :)
Rage Against the Minivan’s Gift Guide includes:
Collaborative World’s Gift Guide includes:
Nicholas Kristoff’s Annual Column on “Gifts that Say You Care” includes:
My “supplemental gift guide”:
(um, I was hoping to link to it but it seems like this will have to do until I switch over to WordPress and can actually upload PDF documents. sigh).

Holiday Gift Guide
http://viewer.docstoc.com/?key=NTllOTA1N2Ut&pass=OGRlZi00OTQwvar docstoc_docid=”107159738″;var docstoc_title=”Holiday Gift Guide”;var docstoc_urltitle=”Holiday Gift Guide”;

Happy Shopping!