I recently saw a pretty cool blog idea where the writer wrote a list of things she wanted to accomplish, and then came back a year later and checked off which ones she had done, adding a link to her blog post of said activity. I thought I would do the same…and then I started thinking…it’s already November…by next November, I’ll be on the eve of my 30th birthday (by “eve,” I mean about four months away…if you know my husband, ask him a funny story about this). I also saw a friend who did a “30 before 30” list: things she wanted to accomplish before turning 30 (am I insulting your intelligence? pretty self explanatory?) So, why not combine my list of things I want to accomplish with this little, minor, not-a-big deal birth year and make it into a 30 before 30? I found no good reason not to, so here we go. Let’s see if I can find 30 things I want to do…

I want to:
  1. First and foremost, I want to be settled into a job. No more uncertainty of what I’m doing…whether it’s working somewhere, or working on my own, I want it to be legit, I want to be able to get pregnant if we decide we’re ready, I want to have health insurance, I want to feel financially….hmmm….not-on-the-verge-of-being-broke? I know this is a lot for #1, but I think they all are part of one big package.
  2. Travel. There are too many places I want to go to: Germany (Mike, Uli & Hank!), Spain (Isa!), Hawaii (again, self-explanatory, but I want to be consistent with the parenthesis), Guatemala (grandma), Haiti (self explanatory). I’m not expecting all of these to happen before I turn 30. I’d be happy with one or two.
  3. Become serious about some sort of work out: whether it be walking/hiking, or picking up rock climbing again, which I miss doing.
  4. Develop my blog. This includes moving to WordPress, as well as figuring out how to make Adsense make me more money. I think since I started blogging two years ago (almost exactly!), I’ve made about $12 bucks. I’m not saying I’m not happy with my earnings…but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t mind more. I just need to figure out how to do that without changing what I write about or plastering my blog with ads.
  5. Develop Jeff’s art: portfolio, more art shows, website, you name it.
  6. Earn my blue shirt from Corazon
  7. Make it to Arizona to visit Courtney (this I technically want to cross off my list early in the year)
  8. Develop Haiti Scholarships into a successful nonprofit
  9. Jump out of a plane
  10. Go camping
  11. Go wine tasting
  12. Eat healthier, regularly
  13. Travel to Portland or Seattle
  14. Learn to say no, when necessary
  15. Have a romantic getaway weekend with Jeff (we’ve been talking about going to Solvang for a while now)
Hmm. I’m about 15 accomplishments short of 30.
I guess I could fill it in with 15 things I want to have before I turn 30…but that’s too materialistic to be a serious goal.