The Gang went to a Halloween party, wherein we took advantage of a very cool photo booth. I realized that I haven’t had printed pictures in quite a while, and these came out so cool, that I wanted to frame them. I did some research online, which made me realize they don’t sell what I want, but gave me an idea on how to do it on my own.
So. Craft time!

One of my big flaws is that I lack a desire for perfection. So the edges could have been cut a little cleaner, and the fabric could have been pulled a little tighter…and I probably should have made it out of a sturdier material…(all of this is probably making Busta want to pull her hair out…I’M SORRY!). But, it made me realize that I can be crafty and creative if I want to be. And, occasionally, I can make some pretty cool looking stuff.

Long live Halloween, 2011.