Like most things I do, my new hobby became an obsession until I finished it on Sunday.
It’s not perfect, and if you look at the corners you can definitely tell where I ran in to some trouble, but for my first attempt, I don’t think it turned out too shabby!

I got the idea to keep the craftiness going by making my own wrapping paper. So, I went out and got some materials.

I tried to make free-hand circles out of the colored paper, and realized I have no talent for this. Fear not, I walked around Dad’s garage and found a few useful items that I could trace.
Oh hey, what’s that bottle at the front?

I’m not sure. The 30% and “rum” seem to be a pretty clear indication it’s alcohol. But the panties down, naked lady alone thing makes me wonder if I’m wrong. Or really great/creepy marketing.
Anyhow, I digress.
The end result was this:

The gold ribbon on the wrapping was supposed to be the ribbon on the blanket, but it was way too rough for a little baby blanket. Apparently, they don’t make gold-colored silk ribbon. Who knew.
As a side note: blogs in the future, including this one, will probably have too many unnecessary pictures (such as four pictures of the completed blankie), but Jeff and I both get a little carried away with testing out the new camera :)