These past two weeks have been pretty great. I’ve received some comments lately that have reinforced where I’m going with my life, and make me feel like I’m doing something right. Maybe not everything, but something.

Abby contacted me about looking for volunteer work for her daughter. I know, this isn’t huge, and I’m sure she could have just looked something up online, but…she asked me. I was her go-to person, and I thought that was pretty fabulous.
A couple days after that, I got a message from someone I went to undergrad with. He’s now doing some pretty great things, including working towards a Ph.D. He’s part of an organization at his school that does some community service projects, and he messaged me asking about some of the organizations I have worked with. We still have to chat a little about what he needs/is looking for, but again…he thought about and contact me when needed to talk to someone about this.
Then, my friend Annie posted this on my wall (not the actual wall of my room…but you know…the cyber kind of wall):

“I was just thinking…Steve Jobs started Apple out in his garage and now, its this incredible company changing the lives of so many people in the world (not to mention, he was the CEO of Pixar, movies I love). If he can do it, I know you can too. Go make your dreams a reality, Alex! I am here every step of the way to support you! Love you!”

Seriously? Amazing.
Finally, yesterday after tutoring I stopped by my mom’s house for a little visit. Her work has these jobs once a year where nonprofits and charitable organizations come out, and try to get you to donate a couple bucks from each of your paychecks to them. My mom picked up a book for me, as well as some other material from a nonprofit called “Zambia’s Scholarship Fund.” Inside the book was the business card for the President of the organization, and a handwritten dedication:
“Alexandra, thanks for your good works.”
All of this has been almost surreal, to be quite honest. I feel really happy that when people want to participate in volunteer work or charity work, I’m the person that pops into their head. I guess part of it is because sometimes I feel guilty or silly about all the stuff I post on here and facebook about this kind of stuff…I feel like it may not really matter, or that no one really cares. Getting these messages from people, however, makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing.
I feel like I should add a disclaimer here. I’m not sharing these vignettes because I think they’re right, or because I think I deserve it, but because it is really encouraging, and gives me hope that I’m on the right path. Sometimes I feel like I’ve let people down by not pursuing a traditional legal career, or any traditional career. Hearing these comments and getting these emails/messages from people helped me realize that I’ll be okay no matter what. Regardless of what nonconventional path I follow, I have people who are interested in what I do, people who will support me and my endeavors, and people who appreciate the kind of work I hope to keep doing.
Thank you :)