Well, we finished moving and are completely settled in to our new home with Jeff’s parents. For any who were curious, it’s going really well. His parents are wonderful and easy to live with. It was weird at first just getting used to having roommates again, so I can’t make Jeff’s coffee in my PJ’s (underwear…), but all of that is pretty minor. We really like our new room; in fact, we kinda like it better than the room from our apartment! Jeff’s mom let me have the desk they had in the living room, which is pretty amazing. It has little cubbies for all my office/work stuff, and a drawer with a filing cabinet (nerd), and it’s pretty amazing.

I still haven’t quite figured out my productivity schedule. I’m up by 7:30am, which is when I make coffee for Jeff, make sure he’s out of bed and on his way to work. It’s not that he asks for me to wake up and make his coffee, but I just wake up at that time anyway. I can’t seem to sleep in past 7…ever (except for Sunday, but that’s because I was up on Saturday at 3:40am, and was in 100 degree heat all day…), so might as well get up and be productive. Anyhow, I check emails and my reader, maybe listen to a webinar from CharityHowTo or the Foundation Center, pick up the room a little, and then I either procrastinate by working on random projects (like doing cross stitch on an old blanket that’s falling apart), or I try to get some work done on my cases. I really need to get better on focusing on the latter.
It’s been pretty amazing though, this whole, “working on my own” thing. I can meet clients whenever I want, I can work on their stuff whenever I want, I can have lunch with friends whenever I want, I can book myself for volunteer events whenever I want.
I did apply for a part-time volunteer coordinator position at a non-profit that is literally 1.5 miles from our house. It doesn’t pay much, but it would be great to work in something that I really want to acquire some skills and experience in, and also have a steady paycheck while I wait for clients to pay me. The organization looks amazing, and one that I’d like to be involved in over the long-term if things work out, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
We were finally able to buy Jeff the camera he’s been wanting (Nikon D7000), and he got an amazing flash and lens for it (we had to return the lens because the automatic focus didn’t work, hopefully we get a new one back soon). He’s got two small weddings that he’s already booked for this month, so we’re hoping that will be an additional source of revenue for us. As for my wedding officiant business, I had one wedding last month in Spanish, and I’ve got two booked for this month. Our free Google advertising dried up, so I’m gonna have to invest some real money into our website if I want to keep getting leads. Seems like it’s worth it so far.
So, between wedding ceremonies, legal cases, wedding photography, Jeff’s steady work…I think we might be pulling it off finally. Which has me really worried. So far, our life has always been a bit of give and take: something great happens, then something else happens to even things out, and we land exactly where we were before that great thing happened. So here we are, not having to pay rent, with some steady and unsteady flows of income…to the point where we can save and invest in things…and I’m honestly nervous about what’s around the corner. I feel like something has to happen to even things out again, there’s too much good going on right now.
I hope I’m wrong. I really, really hope I’m wrong. Because seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is kinda nice.