Well, you know those big plans we had for the phone book? They were RUINED.

I went to the apartment on Monday to do some cleaning, and after I climbed the stairs I found myself with this:
Seriously. Maybe they read my blog? Anyhow, I was extremely disappointed in their sudden decision to clean up their act. Now Jeff and I will never have a chance to carry out our plans. Which looked something like this:
Jeff’s plan: Prop the phone book against their door (again), with a sign that reads something to the effect of: “Hi, I’m your phone book. Why don’t you love me? Why won’t you bring me into your home?” Or something like that (right boo?).
My plan: Throw it away. Leave a sign on their doorstep that reads: “You’re welcome.”
But now…neither one of these will ever happen. Shame on you, belatedly responsible neighbor.