I had an idea.

Since Jeff and I met, we’d have these serious conversations about Guatemala, the impunity and corruption there, and we’d try to figure out the answers to “why?,” and then the larger question of “what would change things?” I think these are some of my most favorite conversations with Jeff: we get super academic and talk about things that might be slightly out of our league :)
These questions followed me back from Haiti, and some of the best conversations I had with people there involved the same questions I mentioned above. My initial idea was to simply write one blog about my thoughts, the issues I see, and possible solutions (according to the not-all-knowing me), and leave it at that. But then I thought it would be cool to take it one step further. So here’s my idea: have people who are similarly interested in answering the same questions do guest posts, where they can analyze the “how’s” and “why’s,” in whatever context they find appropriate. For example, I asked Haiti Scholarships co-founder Jim, and he’ll probably take on a more financial argument, being that he’s a finance professor and all (and was that a shameless plug for Haiti Scholarships? Yep. Did I post the same link three times? Yes).
My disclaimers: I’m not claiming we have the solutions. Heck, people have been debating these answers for decades before I even came across them. My goal in getting different people to post their thoughts is simply to gain a little more insight about something I’m passionate about, and maybe open discussion about these same ideas. Unlike this guy, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Also, I’m not big on censorship of ideas, so I will allow people to write about whatever they want, but I take no responsibility for their thoughts or opinions!
Finally, if you have any interest in submitting a guest post, do let me know :)