It’s been roughly two weeks of slowly packing and moving everything out of our place. Yesterday we moved the essentials into the new place, and the only things left in the old place are a couple loads of clean laundry and Jeff’s paintings. Not too shabby.
Here was my greatest moving accomplishment this week:
I mentioned before our obsession with moving things in one trip. And even though this was during the week, so I was moving stuff alone while Jeff was working, this was no exception. So, those two loaded carts up there? Yep, I packed up the truck with all of that, and somehow, precariously loaded them up to these two carts, pushed both of them onto the elevator, and into storage, IN ONE TRIP. Two golf club bags, two bikes, two dinning room chairs, a box, a sleeping bag, and some miscellaneous stuff. I won’t say I didn’t have technical difficulties in getting it done, but I did it.
This is what our storage unit currently looks like:
Crazy that our whole lives are packed into a 10 x 10 storage unit.
Finally, let me introduce you to our soon to be ex-neighbors phone book:
It’s been there for over a month (dare I say more than two?). We pass by it everyday. She passes by it everyday. We even propped it up against her door one day, thinking she’d get the clue that she should pick it up, and nothing. So. We have some ideas. Stay tuned.